Direction, UI/UX, Visual






I created a tool that allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly and easily align on the types of talent that qualify for specific design roles.


Aquent agents have the difficult task of placing top talent with the biggest companies around the world. It costs time and money to calibrate what type of talent is needed for what type of role, especially when positions' responsibilities vary from company to company. I wanted to equip Aquent agents with a tool that more quickly and accurately screens for qualified talent. I created a skills and deliverables map across a typical design workflow. When agents speak with hiring managers, and hear certain skills and deliverables needed, they can identify where in the workflow these are paramount.

Then, I created graph that expressed the same workflow to talent, and asked them to identify and stack rank their own competencies with a limited currency (in this case, number of blocks). By comparing a talent's profiling against the hiring manager's skills and deliverables map, agents were able to effectively visualize whether the designer being screened might confidently match the type of designer being requested by a hiring manager.

Persona decreased the time 'to first submit' by 12%, increased lead volume by approximately 20% in its first 6 months deployed, and resulted in 72% of leads being successfully filled.

More information about the research, strategy, execution, and success of this project is available on request.