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A search tool for recruiters that surfaces the most vital information on creative talent from around the web.


Recruiters have to sift through a large number of platforms to ingest creative talents' portfolios and information. This requires an immense amount of time and effort in a space where speed equals success. Submitting candidates to hiring managers fast is hard. I helped create a tool that feeds agents the most vital information for decision making from across many sources (i.e. LinkedIn, Behance, etc.), eliminating the need for arduous engagement on multiple platforms.

By conducting user research to arrive at sets of Image Classifier Labels to accompany Object Detection Label models, we were able to concoct a database of talent information which could be searched through with the aid of natural language processing. In collaboration with engineering, I prototyped multiple ways to execute, filter, and control search parameters. I also tested a variety of visualizations of search results – primarily form factors and information value.

We created a search tool that was vastly improved from Aquent's legacy search, as our tool was much more intuitive and leveraged technology never before used within the organization. In just 2 months it surpassed the legacy search platform in session count by 1.2x and increased 'redeployable fills' by 12%, leading to more recruiters landing talent more jobs faster.

More information about the research, strategy, execution, and success of this project is available on request.